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Stay Command

Teaching your dog to sit is not enough! But your dog may not sit for a long time. Now you must learn how to make your dog sit in one place.

· Make your puppy sit for some time,

· Put your hand in front of the dog’s face and provide a command- Waldo, stay,

· If the puppy gets up make him to sit again and repeat the same command,

· Allow a few seconds and if he is still sitting, praise him for his good behavior,

· Say- Waldo, OK and let him get up,

· Repeat the process several times till the pup gets accustomed for doing it,

· Try stepping back a step or two and repeat the commands “sit and stay”. Increase the distance everyday to make him sit for longer durations,

· Repeat the entire process several times a day and let your dog perform this exercise at his own time.

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