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Some simple techniques to socialize your puppy

Ensure that socialization training is not too painful and excruciating! Puppy’s experience with any given technique must be pleasant and enjoying.

1. Invite your friends, colleagues and relatives to take a look at your puppy. Ask them to interact with your puppy and shake hands with him!

2. Make your dog mix with other household pets like dogs and cats. You can also bring over other vaccinated dogs and cats to your home to meet your adorable puppy. In turn, take your puppy to your neighbor’s home to make him socialize with other dog breeds.

3. Show your puppy movies and TV shows that will help him recognize people and animals by sight,

4. Carry your pup to a mall or a big shopping center, parks, play centers, theme parks and other crowded areas. This will enhance your puppy’s socializing abilities.

5. Drive to a picnic spot with your puppy and allow him to play in the wild,

6. Introduce your puppy new things and tools like bags, boxes and vacuum cleaners,

7. Your puppy must be able to relax on seeing different things and unfamiliar objects in its vicinity.

8. Introduce your puppy to new sound signals and make them louder day by day,

9. Get your puppy accustomed to various grooming techniques and methods so that he will not get scared to undergo grooming exercises in future.

Before socializing your puppy, you may need to adhere to some simple rules and follow them without fail. Here are some of the most important things to remember:

· Never allow your puppy to socialize with other dogs till they are vaccinated for all diseases. Do not socialize your dog among dogs that are sick and unvaccinated.

· If your puppy acts fearful, do not attempt to reward or praise that negative behavior. When the puppy appears frightened and apprehensive, calm him with soothing words and encouraging signals.

· Your socializing exercises must never invoke a sense of phobias in the dog. If your dog develops a phobia, all your efforts will be a sheer wastage.

· Never rush through the socializing process and allow the puppy to have his own time to learn the process.

· Avoid stuffing too many programs at a time as your pup may get confused and tired.

· Assure that your pup gets enough sleep and rest during the learning process.

· Provide refreshing and nutritious diet to make your pup healthy and energetic.

· Make every effort to keep things very simple and meaningful; the exercises that you introduce must be very easy to understand and execute.

· If socialization does not happen with in the puppy stage, it will never happen in the dog’s lifetime. Hurry up and proceed!

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