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How do Dogs Think

In many ways, we think that our dogs are just dummies and act without any solid reasons. Hold on! This belief may be simply false! Your puppy is extremely smart

How do Dogs Think? and intelligent! It can think about you, how you act and respond! It can also assess and analyze your actions and reactions by reading through your mind! These are inherent to dogs as they were created to think and respond. They can be intelligent just because most of the dog owners have never cared to learn how to think and act like them.

Dogs do possess a number of highly refined thinking processes that help them to respond in a particular manner. Here are some of the methods by which your dog can think and act:

Non-verbal thinking: Most probably, we are all confused as what our dogs will be thinking when they are not doing anything! Nature has provided dogs an extremely innovative and highly sophisticated thinking process called “non-verbal thinking”. By using these techniques, your dog can assess, predict and analyze your actions, gestures, words and later respond with a firm reaction.

Just remember your dog wagging his tail and pleading with his eyes to direct you to provide his dinner? It is more possible that your dog is imagining (or trying to set up ‘imaging’ in his mind) the words, actions and movements you always say and do before serving his food.

Imagery and Picture: It is well established that dogs think in many sensory impressions; pictures of visual, sound and odor that exist around them. They have a mental mechanism that allows them to form, create, etch and experience in their minds certain images, odors and sounds.

They can perceive future images in their brain and act accordingly in response to the given situation. You puppy may create an image of you coming back to home and hug him with an enthusiastic greetings. It’ll also create a picture that tells him to jump up with joy and start circling around his owner.

These pictures are always composed just before the future event and dogs are the presumed to be the masters in these exercises. Your puppy can always imagine things, perceive invisible movements and experience future events in his mind before actually see them in real.

If your dog anticipates something in his mind, and by chance if they do not happen in reality, then they can get really frustrated and anxious. These negative behaviors will pave for a future display of indecent behavior in them. If your puppy gets to experience the same episodes every other day, then it may create a conflicting situation in his mind. Consistently conflict-ridden mind will make the dogs out of sync and reality; this will eventually lead to deep rooted frustration and many ill-conceived behaviors.

If dogs really do collect and recall images of their masters and other family members, and other objects and experiences of life, this can come very beneficial to us, and we can share the information for mutual benefit and use.

Unfortunately, dog owners never try to understand how dogs can think and behave, which subsequently leads to future occurrence of misbehavior and bad habits. Dogs are known to have a problem in associating images and pictures to real life incidences and experiences.

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