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“Marley and Me”

So, I never made it into the theaters to watch “Marley and Me” so I was excited when it came out on DVD this week. Its always exciting to me when there was a movie that I wanted to see but for whatever reason was not able to make it while it was in the theaters. I love movies so that doesnt happen that often.

It was a great family movie as it was done very clean. It was a great story and stayed pretty true to the book. I think that if you had never read the book before Marley would have come across as not that bad of a dog. One of the hardest things to do in a movie is good character development in the short time frame…I guess thats true even if the character is a dog.

The dog trainer in the movie was horrible. That was by far my least favorite scene. I think the producers owed Kathleen Turner a favor or something. luckily it was a short scene with the intent to show Marley was a tough dog to train. I guess it managed to make that point, but come on? Anyone else would have been better.

Im curious to see what effect the book and movie have on the Lab population. I know after movies like 101 dalmations, the dalmation population boomed. Labs are already at the top of the popularity list. Maybe the movie will have an adverse effect. It really doesnt matter, but the fact is the Labrador Retriever is a great breed and is the most popular for a good reason. The key as always is good training and socializing.

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