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My Brothers New Puppy

My brother has been looking for a puppy for a long time. He asked me for my help which of course I was glad to give. We did a lot of research and eventually decided on a Golden Retriever. I had some good breeder contacts for Goldens and we looked at multiple litters. On Saturday we found the perfect puppy. Or should I say she found us.

The breeder knew what we were looking for and thought she had the perfect candidate. We did find the perfect puppy but it wasnt the one she had in mind. It was unbelievable how this puppy seemed to connect with us right away. Her eyes wouldnt leave ours as if she was trying to will us with everthing she had to take her home. If my brother didnt take her I dont think I could have resisted.

My brother has 8 kids and this is their first dog. As you can imagine, his wife wasnt sure she was ready to add the extra work of a puppy. They just got a bigger property and have animal lovers that just needed a dog. Puppies can definitely be a lot of work and I wanted to make sure they were prepared for what they should expect. I think they were prepared as you can be and my sister in law still gave the green light. Her kids are lucky to have a mom that loves them so much to take on the extra work. I know she will not regret it. The puppy really is perfect.

It has been so fun for me helping pick out the right puppy, giving puppy and dog training tips, helping them have all the tools necessary to make this a positive experience for the puppy and my brothers family. Of course we have already covered potty training and crate training. I am meeting with all the family tonight to go over basic obedience and how to stay consistent with commands, praise and discipline. I really am enjoying this and am as excited to see that puppy tonight as I am my nieces and nephews.

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