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The new puppy is on her way! Now what?

Well, the time has finally come. After MUCH time, research, and thought we finally found our puppy. What a roller coaster ride! We went back and forth with so many breeds. We looked at so many litters. We finally found a beautiful light yellow (almost white) labrador retriever. If you would have told me 6 months ago that we would be getting a lab puppy I would have said no way. Its funny to think of the journey from 6 months ago to now that brought us to this perfect puppy. We are so excited!

I have a large family, there is me (of course) my wonderful wife and 5 fantastic children. The family dynamic is changing all the time and a breed that might have been good for us 10 yrs ago may not necessarily be the best breed for us today. I think thats one of the main factors that pushed me to the labrador retriever.

Mine was not a unique choice. The labrador retriever has been the number one breed registered with AKC for more than 10 years. There is a reason its such a popular choice. A well bred labrador retriever will be extremely intelligent, very adaptable, great with children (old and young), and on and on.

There are other breeds that fit this description but the for personal taste and opinion the lab is what we decided on. It may just be that the puppy that melted our hearts happened to be a lab but I would like to think I had something to do with the decision.

I say shes on her way because shes coming from a breeder out of state that is driving her here this Saturday. It has been difficult to not jump in the car and go pick her up myself but we have kept ourselves busy getting ready for her.

Its been a while since we have had a puppy so Im trying to mentally go through all the things to expect and make sure we have a plan when we bring her home. We are going through the house trying to use our “puppy eyes” to make it safe for her and safe for everything we dont want puppy teeth marks in. We have the crate, coller, leash, bed, we picked out what puppy food we want to feed her, we have shampoos and brushes, cleaners for accidents we hope not to have.

It really has been fun getting ready for this new member of our family. Saturday can’t come soon enough. I plan on a semi weekly, if not weekly blog with whats going on with the new pup. What issues we may be having and how we are resolving them. What is working well and what is not going as well as we would like. I hope that it will be helpful to others going through the same experience. This is the most critical 2 to 3 months of the puppies life to help mold her into the perfect family member. I am so excited to get started! I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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