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The puppy came trained!

Im not sure how much help this journey with the new puppy will be to others starting with their own new puppy because my new puppy seems to already be trained. Everything has been so easy…too easy. What about the big messes, the whining in the crate, chewing, biting…

I know I constantly preach finding a good breeder and the right breed for you and man is our little lab puppy (we called her Kayla) a testimony of that. She really has been better than I could have imagined.

We brought her home and introduced her to her new family and her new home. Her tail was wagging the entire time. I loved it, no nervousness just happy all the time.

I started the crate training immediately. I showed her the crate and let her go inside and around it. Using praise and treats the entire time. After taking her potty I put her inside and shut the door. I kept her close by us so she could still feel like she was part of the action. She never made a fuss. If she would have than the best thing to do is ignore her. Make sure you are taking her out enough to “go potty” but dont go to her while she is making any noise. She will soon learn that making noise means attention and/or getting out of the crate.

She was great at relieving herself as soon as we hit the grass. I praised her like crazy everytime she did. She is so stinking cute! While outside I have her on a leash which she hasnt seemed to mind but is not too interested on walking yet. I have been luring her with toys and treats and she is making improvements.

We already started the come, stay, and sit commands. She is showing good signs of understanding what is expected. We are also using the crate and place commands when she goes into her crate and when I want her in her place, which is a dog bed next to my recliner.

This really is fun stuff. My family is loving her to death and she is returning the favor. I will post again soon with progress.

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