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Dog Obedience Training

Plan your dog’s schooling so training for the OPEN CLASS will be a series of progressive lessons. Long, long before you start the OPEN work, condition your dog for advanced training by encouraging her, while she is young (yes, even as a puppy), to carry assorted articles, to retrieve thrown objects and to leap small hurdles. If your older dog is just starting her Obedience career, include carrying and jumping as part of her Novice work. Owners can pave the way for the OPEN and UTILITY Classes without affecting a dog’s performance while still competing in the Novice Class.

Timing is important! When you teach voice commands, give the command. Follow with the correction and praise.

When you teach hand signals, give the signal. Follow with the correction and praise.

When you want your dog to heel or to come, use her name with the command.

When you want the dog to perform at a distance, stress the command or give a signal without the name.

Give a command or signal ONCE. Repeat when necessary but put a correction with it.

Praise AFTER commands and signals and WITH corrections. The praise must be discontinued when exhibiting in Obedience Trials, but when used during the training period, your dog will be more responsive.

When you praise, BE SINCERE! Dogs respond to a cajoling tone of voice.

Modify your method of training to the SIZE AND TEMPERAMENT of the dog. Not all dogs train alike!

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One Response to “Dog Obedience Training”

  1. gloria yvonne Perelman Says:

    I first bought my minature poodle almost five years ago. It took a long time to train her to “potty” outside; I also installed a “doggy” door so that she could go out whenever she wanted, especially at night or when I was out. I adopted a male toy poodle to keep her company 2 1/2 years ago. About after a month, Sweetie pie started going potty on the carpet all over again — I would scold her and just pick it up and toss in the toilet. Now it has gotten so bad — she has waken me to let me know what she has done; I have crated her and if she does not go outside, she immediately comes in to the cratle — its as if she is saying I would rather not go s o I know you are going to put me in here anyway. I know she is somewhat jealous of Benji and I try to make a big deal about her; but, I am now at the point that I would rather give her away to a good home. What can I do??

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