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Most dogs love to jump. However, you can make effective use of her inherent jumping abilities for acrobatic jumps and jumping through  hoops. Before you can teach your puppy to jump through a hoop, get her to jump over a straight barrier. Select a low height barrier in the initial sessions. Generally, you should keep the barrier at a height of one inch less than half of your dog’s height.

It is important to get a check up done on your dog to ensure that she does not have any physical problems. This will help in preventing any physical injuries that your dog may face during the jumping training.

Once you have the barrier in place, let your dog check it out. Discourage her from chewing the barrier. Do not push her into jumping. Encourage her to take the jump and reward her after the successful jump. Reward her even when she makes an effort for jumping.

This will make the process interesting for her. If your puppy is reluctant to jump, first let her walk over the barrier. After a few sessions, repeat the training and induce her to attempt to jump over the barrier. You should use verbal command “Jump” when she is about to proceed for jumping.

If you want your pooch to jump through a hoop, a good idea is to use a hula-hoop. You can keep the hoop on the ground and encourage her to go through it a few times before you train her to jump through the hoop. You can reward her with food rewards and verbal praises even when she walks through the hoop.

Once she goes through it comfortably, let someone hold the hoop and use the same process and verbal command that you had used earlier trying to make her jump through the hoop. This will help her understand what you expect of her. Sometimes it might take a while before your pooch masters the art of jumping.

Have patience and continue with your efforts. Later on, you can use the command “Over” to make her jump over the barrier and “Through” to make her jump through the hoop.

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