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Golden Retriever Puppy Update

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

I wrote a post (here) a couple weeks ago about my brother picking out a new puppy for his family. Well I am so pleased with how well it has turned out. I believe in the principles that I have taught when it comes to picking out a puppy but it is always very rewarding to see the results.

I am always so excited to hear how things have been going and try to get over and visit as often as I can. Things have been going so great. The puppy has fit in so beautifully to her new home. The most fulfilling part has been seeing the relationship between the puppy and my brothers wife. She was not what we call “a dog person”. She had many unpleasant experiences with dogs growing up and never thought she would have one. As her kids grew older and some expressed their desire to have a dog she finally gave in.

My brother has always been a dog lover and has always had big dogs. With the eight kids (thats right, eight children) finding a breed that would be able to fit in with everyone and be hardy enough to take the sufficating attention small ones love to give.

There are not a large number of breeds that would have fit in to this household, but having all the background and doing our homework we came up with the perfect fit. She is proving it every day and I am excited for my next update.

Remember that the commitment to a new puppy is huge. You are talking about the next 10 to 15 years. Do your homework, dont make the choice based off the cute wrinkly face. Think it through, match up the breeds the meet your requirements and than go find some reputable breeders. Go visit lots of dogs and lots of puppies. Of course it is difficult to walk away but you will eventually find the one that is perfect for you and your situation.

Good Luck!

“Marley and Me”

Monday, April 6th, 2009

So, I never made it into the theaters to watch “Marley and Me” so I was excited when it came out on DVD this week. Its always exciting to me when there was a movie that I wanted to see but for whatever reason was not able to make it while it was in the theaters. I love movies so that doesnt happen that often.

It was a great family movie as it was done very clean. It was a great story and stayed pretty true to the book. I think that if you had never read the book before Marley would have come across as not that bad of a dog. One of the hardest things to do in a movie is good character development in the short time frame…I guess thats true even if the character is a dog.

The dog trainer in the movie was horrible. That was by far my least favorite scene. I think the producers owed Kathleen Turner a favor or something. luckily it was a short scene with the intent to show Marley was a tough dog to train. I guess it managed to make that point, but come on? Anyone else would have been better.

Im curious to see what effect the book and movie have on the Lab population. I know after movies like 101 dalmations, the dalmation population boomed. Labs are already at the top of the popularity list. Maybe the movie will have an adverse effect. It really doesnt matter, but the fact is the Labrador Retriever is a great breed and is the most popular for a good reason. The key as always is good training and socializing.

Puppy mills

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

It would seem there has been enough information on the news and other outlets to get the warning out about puppy mills but people just keep on supporting them. I have to assume its still an education issue. I read today about one of the large pet stores that sales puppies in malls for extremely inflated prices are now under investigation for knowingly selling sick puppies. These stores have huge signs in their store that they puppies are not from puppy mills and assume we will just believe them. Thankfully there are passionate dog lovers that dont just take their word and actually did some invesigation. The results were that the puppies do come from puppy mills.

Puppy mills are big business and we need to get the word out. I have been to those stores and just want to shake people that are looking or actually buying one of these poor puppies. I know its not their fault. They dont know any better. The fact is for half if not a third the money you could get a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder. Not only are you rolling the dice with the dogs health if you buy from one of these stores (puppy mills) but you are also very likely to have a very poor representation of the breed.

The demand for dogs are always going to be high. They are an amazing pet and a blessing to mankind. We have to stop the demand for puppies from puppy mills. We have to educate people to go to the dog shelters or reputable breeders only. Until that happens this story will continue on its tragic path. There has to be hope. Lets keep spreading the word!