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Psychological Damage

Friday, June 19th, 2009

One of the points I always try to drive home to people getting a new puppy is how important it is to keep self control and not lose your temper to the point that you hit your dog. We have all seen the dogs that are scared of everything, some to the point of submissive urinatation. That result could have come from one short fused owner that got upset over a chewed up valuable or an accident on the new carpet. One moment that you allowed yourself to hit your dog may cause a lifetime of cowering fear and submissive urination.

I understand that we are human. We have tempers and most of the time if we could have taken a second and not just reacted we would have handled the situation much better. It is the same with kids. The difference is that when we make a mistake with our kids, they are intelligent enough to know that we do make mistakes but still love them. Dogs arent so easy to forget that blow up and every time your hand goes up quickly they are going to remember getting wacked and cower or run away.

None of us want to make mistakes. None of us want to ruin our dogs. My advise is to try to plan ahead for every problem that you might run into and plan on how you will react. “If Fido has an accident on the carpet I will firmly correct with a loud NO and take him out to where he should go to relieve himself. If he finishes in the right area I will praise like crazy.” Try to think up anything that might happen and then plan your reaction. Its always easier to make the right choice when a situation arises if you have already decided how you will react.

It wont be easy but I promise you that it will be worth it. You and your dog will obviously have a much better relationship and be much happier.

They call it puppy love!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

What is there not to love about a puppy. They are so stinking cute. I have had to show extreme will power not to walk away with many of the puppies I have gone to see. Its especially tempting when the puppies have been well cared for and socialized. The personalities are more developed and I know they are going to make great dogs. Training is so much easier with a puppy that has been handled and socialized well from birth.

I am always asked how young to start training my puppy. The answer is there are things that can be done from birth that will help in your dogs obedience. Handling the puppies when they are very young to get them used to human touch. Introducing verbal commands and praise at just weeks old. These are some of the reasons why it is so important to get a puppy from a reputable breeder.

You wont be able to start working with your new puppy until about 8 wks (avg age puppies are safe to leave momma). This is all critical time to start teaching a puppy what is expected to live in a human world. I love going and seeing a litter of puppies where it is obvious how much time and love has been given to those puppies. Dont be offended if they ask you a bunch of questions regarding your past with dogs and current living conditions. They ask because they do love these puppies so much and want to make sure they are going to good home.

“Marley and Me”

Monday, April 6th, 2009

So, I never made it into the theaters to watch “Marley and Me” so I was excited when it came out on DVD this week. Its always exciting to me when there was a movie that I wanted to see but for whatever reason was not able to make it while it was in the theaters. I love movies so that doesnt happen that often.

It was a great family movie as it was done very clean. It was a great story and stayed pretty true to the book. I think that if you had never read the book before Marley would have come across as not that bad of a dog. One of the hardest things to do in a movie is good character development in the short time frame…I guess thats true even if the character is a dog.

The dog trainer in the movie was horrible. That was by far my least favorite scene. I think the producers owed Kathleen Turner a favor or something. luckily it was a short scene with the intent to show Marley was a tough dog to train. I guess it managed to make that point, but come on? Anyone else would have been better.

Im curious to see what effect the book and movie have on the Lab population. I know after movies like 101 dalmations, the dalmation population boomed. Labs are already at the top of the popularity list. Maybe the movie will have an adverse effect. It really doesnt matter, but the fact is the Labrador Retriever is a great breed and is the most popular for a good reason. The key as always is good training and socializing.