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John and Kates German Shepherd Dogs

Monday, March 30th, 2009

One of my favorite shows on t.v. is John and Kate plus 8. If you are not familiar with the show, it is a reality t.v. show about a family that had twins and than 4 yrs later sextuplets. The sextuplets are currently 4yrs old and they decided to get 2 German Shepherd puppies. Kate (the mother of the children) is not much of a dog lover and to make matters more interesting she is also a neet freak.

Its hard enough with 8 children (6 four year olds) to be very concerned about cleanliness but now to add to puppies…I think she is a little sadistic. Actually Kate always bugged me, the way she treats John (her husband) and how freaked out she can get about the smallest things. But I gained a ton of respect for her when she oked the puppies. I know it was all about her kids. She knew how much they would love those dogs so she forgot about her issues and made the sacrifice.

I am so interested to find out how it all plays out. The German Shepherd is a great breed and can make an awesome pet but because the are so smart you have to keep them busy. I hope they get the right puppy training to make them the pets they should be. John is a big dog lover and is pleased as can be to have these beautiful puppies. I hope that Kate falls in love with them. It will be fun to watch.

Why dont we take dog training more seriously?

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

This is a question I have to ask my self as well. Maybe it just has to do with human nature. We all want the quick fix…instant gradification. Its not easy to work hard for those long term goals. But arent those the things that mean the most? Arent those the things that make us into who we are?
I think that if we could all be a little more dedicated to dog obedience training, we would look back and think that it was sooo worth it. The rewards so outweigh the sacrifice.
I think the main obstacle for people is just that they dont have the tools to know what they should be doing. Hopefully I have helped there. So now there are no excuses. This is a member of your family and could be for the next 10 to 15 yrs or longer. All you need is a few 5-15min sessions at first. Who cant come up with that amount of time? If you cant than you should not have gotten a dog. If the time crunch is a recent thing than you just need to do the best you can and may need to consider finding the puppy a new home.
My point is that it really isnt that big of a time requirement, it just might take some planning on your part to make sure the time is scheduled in the day. The great thing about training is you can incorporate it in other things you are doing that day. If you have to take something to the neighbors be sure to take your puppy and do some leash training and socializing with the neighbor. If you are watching a show you can practice some sit stay and down stay while you watch your show. The main point of training is helping your dog know how to live in your environment so what better way than to do the training while you go throughout your normal day.
Of course it will not be as easy or convenient as it was to do it yourself but again IT WILL BE WORTH IT. Lets all commit to put in the time and do better for our dogs and ourselves.

Effective Dog Obedience Training

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Dog training with an obedience teacher can be very expensive and usually takes place in a class with other dogs. If you do the dog training yourself, it is much cheaper and you can do it from your own home. There are many books online or at the store that give in details the steps you should take to fix the specific obedience problem your dog has.

The process of dog training is basically teaching your pet to do certain things that have been commanded of them. You train your dog to understand the command and follow it. There are different methods and goals in training a dog. A few examples of what they might be trained to do would be to obey commands, perform certain tricks, work as a guide, rescue, hunting, or herding dog, follow any commands regarding agility, and even work as a guard dog.

Dogs are social animals and a lack of training can bring out the wild behaviour in them or annoying habits. Dog obedience training helps your dog develop good behaviour. Obedience training is great for your dog, as it is a good mental exercise that enables the dog to live happier and with more freedom. Also it can bring you and your dog closer on a personal level.

When a dog destroys your belongings because playing is ripping things to shreds, or goes to the bathroom everywhere because it doesn’t know any better, it’s time for dog obedience training. The training may not resolve all the dog’s behavioral problems, but will certainly solve some of them.
When you a get a new dog, it is a good idea to begin obedience training as soon as possible.

Obedience training doesn’t solve all behaviour problems, but it is the foundation for solving just about any dog problem you may have.

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