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Bang Bang

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

In this trick, you teach your dog/puppy to roll over on its back with her stomach and paws lifted off when you say “Bang-Bang”. Your puppy might take some time to catch up with the trick. However, be persistent and she will learn the trick well.

This command is an extension of the “Down” command. When you have successfully trained your dog/puppy with the “Down” command, you can teach her to roll over on her stomach. You can bring up the food treat between your eyes and hers.

This will allow an eye contact with her. Initially you can manually roll her over in the position and reward her with food treat after saying “Bang-Bang”.

Gradually she will understand the meaning of the command and roll over without your assistance.

Retrieving Lost Objects

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Puppies and dogs have an amazing sense of smell and you can use this ability of your puppy to train her for this impressive trick.  You should start with your puppy trying to hold on to things. The object that you select should be something she can hold yet something that she cannot chew. Once she learns how to hold on, try to open her mouth gently and get the object out of her mouth. Then, with practice you can get her to pick up objects from the floor and voluntarily get them to you. It is important that you reward her only after she has given the object to you. This will ensure that she performs the trick completely without diverting her attention.

Once she has mastered this trick, you can train her to retrieve the objects. For doing this, you can show an object to your puppy and then throw it away from her. Then you can ask her to fetch the object. Repeat this process for few sessions and she will learn how to fetch objects.

Thereafter you can let her smell the objects and then hide them.  Let her trace out the object and give it back to you. All the while, do not forget to reward her. You can begin with the objects that have a strong smell and are able to attract the interest of the puppy. Toys with hidden food treats are perfect for this training. Gradually you can move on to objects that are less interesting.   

Shake Hands

Friday, September 7th, 2007

In this trick, you can teach your puppy to shake her paw. You should teach her to lift up the same paw when you say “Shake Hands”. You can help her in lifting the paw with your hands in the initial sessions and give the command when she has lifted the paw. Appreciate her effort and give the reward when she obeys.

While training this trick to your dog, ensure that you always take the same paw of your puppy when you speak out the command. After the dog has perfected the command with you, you can include your family members and visitors in this training.

Do not forget to appreciate and reward her every time she offers her paw to someone new.