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Puppy and Dog Training Ammunition

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

With the new movie “Marley and Me” in theaters, I decided to read the book before I go watch it. It was a great read and hit home in so many ways. I love dogs and love learning all I can about them. While reading there were so many times when I wished I could go and help the dog Marley as his owners tried so desperately to train him. So many things that I think would have helped had the owners had all the tools. The dog was diagnosed with a form of ADHD for dogs so Im not saying that there would have been miracles performed had I been able to give obedience training to the puppy but it was clear to me how important it is that we have all the information possible to make the puppy and dog training successful. It was a great book and am excited to now go watch the movie.