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Archive for March, 2009

John and Kates German Shepherd Dogs

Monday, March 30th, 2009

One of my favorite shows on t.v. is John and Kate plus 8. If you are not familiar with the show, it is a reality t.v. show about a family that had twins and than 4 yrs later sextuplets. The sextuplets are currently 4yrs old and they decided to get 2 German Shepherd puppies. Kate (the mother of the children) is not much of a dog lover and to make matters more interesting she is also a neet freak.

Its hard enough with 8 children (6 four year olds) to be very concerned about cleanliness but now to add to puppies…I think she is a little sadistic. Actually Kate always bugged me, the way she treats John (her husband) and how freaked out she can get about the smallest things. But I gained a ton of respect for her when she oked the puppies. I know it was all about her kids. She knew how much they would love those dogs so she forgot about her issues and made the sacrifice.

I am so interested to find out how it all plays out. The German Shepherd is a great breed and can make an awesome pet but because the are so smart you have to keep them busy. I hope they get the right puppy training to make them the pets they should be. John is a big dog lover and is pleased as can be to have these beautiful puppies. I hope that Kate falls in love with them. It will be fun to watch.

Passion to Give

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

I know many people who are so passionate about dogs. They volunteer countless hours for dog rescues and shelters. What a blessing it is to have people like that in our world. Im am not just talking about these people but also the people that are passionate about world hunger, or drunk driving, rain forests or whatever it may be. There is not enough time to be able to actively work on all these things, thats what makes it so great that there are people out there doing something for what they feel passionate for.

Whatever your personal beliefs are, I dont think anyone can dispute that you just feel better when you are doing something to make a difference. It makes your life feel worth while. I am greatful to these people for making our world a better place for me, for my kids, and my animals. I hope that I am doing my part. I dont want to sit along the side lines wishing something was different. Lets get off our rear ends and do something about it!

Some of us our in positions in our lives where we may not have the time to do all we would like. Lets not have that as an excuse for doing nothing. There is always something we can be doing and maybe there will be a time when we can give more. The rewards are there if its 10min or 10hrs. The important thing is that we act.

Presidential Dog Search Fascination

Friday, March 20th, 2009

So what is the fascination? There are more people wondering what dog the Obamas are going to get than there are wondering what healthcare policy’s he implements. It is a little crazy, isn’t it? There has always been interest in what dogs the First Family would have but in this case there is a huge interest.

I believe a big part of the interest comes from knowing that this will be their first dog. That makes it so exciting as we remember our own first puppy. We are so excited for the kids to get those first puppy kisses, excited for the first time the puppy learns a trick, excited for the first time the puppy lays at their feet.

I think another reason for the interest is that we know the president of the United States has no limits on his options. He could get any breed from any breeder. He has so many resources at his disposal to find the perfect dog. With all those resources, one has to wonder what dog they will choose?

I hope that everyone understands that they may not have the unlimited funds or people to do the homework for you, but if you are willing to do the things I have suggested you will have as many options as you need to find the perfect dog. No matter what your resources the puppy will not come obedience trained. You (or a trainer) will still need to give dog training and doing the right homework up front to get the dog that will best fit your family will make it much easier.

Good luck to the Obamas and anyone else looking for their next family member.