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Puppy biting!

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

The new puppy really has been a joy but one of the issues we are working with now, as most puppy owners will, is biting.

Biting…This is a tough one. As I have young children I need to get this issue resolved quickly. As with anything consistency is the key. There are a few techniques that I find to work pretty well.

When puppy is biting my hand I push my fingers depp into her mouth. She of course finds it unpleasant (but no painful) and she backs off the hand and I give lots of praise.

Puppys learn what pressure is too hard from their litter mates when the sibling they are biting yelp. It also works with humans, when she bites make a high pitched “yelp” and that will help teach the puppy that biting is not a game and is painful.

Another technique that works is when the puppy starts getting excited and biting turn and walk away or just put your back to her. She will learn that biting means “no fun” very quickly.

You can also try grabbing the muzzle and holding the mouth together use a command “no bite” or “out” or whatever command you choose and will be consistent with.

A combination of all of these techniques may be necessary but just remember to stay consistent.