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"The information in your training guide was exactly what I needed to transform my puppy's behavior! If you're like me and have a new puppy then this course is a life saver."

-- Jerry --




"Thank you for your time and effort in helping us with our two Blue Heelers. Thanks to your guidance, We have two well trained working dogs"


-- Gary & Kaye --




Wow, thanx' My puppy nips at my leather houseshoes and nearly trips me. So I will try this. Thanx'


-- Diann --

Attention: Amazing Puppy & Dog Obedience Training Secrets Revealed...

"The Most Effective Dog and Puppy Training Guide Ever Created...Guaranteed!"

I'll show you step-by-step how to train your dog or puppy - And you'll never have to worry about a disobedient dog ever again!


dog obedience training

Dear Friend,

If you want a well-behaved, healthier, happier dog!  then you need to read this!

Do you love spoiling your pooch, respond to his every whimper and cry, and spend hundreds of dollars on him? But are you frustrated at your dog being generally disobedient?

That's where I come in. My name is Kevin Lynch and I learned long ago the dog and puppy training secrets that work. Now I am going to teach you what I know.

When I was a kid, my best friend, Brad, lived next door to me. Throughout Brad's house there were pictures of his dad with all kinds of animals, mountain lions, armadillos, all kinds of crazy animals but mostly dogs... dogs of every imangnable size and breed. I wondered about the pictures but it was only after I started to ask questions I found out that Brad's dad had a really cool job.

He was an animal trainer for Disney and had personally done dog training for hundreds of dogs!

There for it was no surprise to me that his dogs where the most well behaved dogs I have ever seen.

Then one day it happened (after I had begged for what seemed like years!) my dad said I could get a puppy. I was so excited. The day we brought him home was the greatest day of my life. I named him "Lobo".

He was just a "mutt" but I loved him with all my heart.

But I soon found out that puppies can be quite unruly and that I had no clue where to start with puppy training. I tried and tried but I just had no idea what to do. Brad's dad noticed my struggle and he graciously offered his assistance.

I was elated!

My puppy would get dog obedience training from the greatest dog trainer in the world (at least in my eyes!) was going to help me train Lobo! Soon, Lobo was doing everything I wanted him to do and more. He was doing tricks I hadn't even thought of before!

It was easy when I used the techniques that Brad's dad taught me.

What was really great is that Brad's dad showed me what to do but I did all of it. I trained Lobo all by myself with just some easy instructions from Brad's dad. I learned how to train my dog from the best trainer I have ever known and the really great thing is that I can teach you everything I learned.

You're about to discover the same dog training secrets used to train hundreds "if not thousands" of dogs from a master dog trainer.

Learn the best training methods to quickly and easily train any dog or puppy, fix your dog or puppies problems, such has pottying all over the house, chewing on shoes, and jumping on people. This method can be applied to all breeds and ages of puppies and dogs.

This information is just amazing! You will be learning secrets that your friends and family only wish they knew. If you own a dog or puppy, you need this amazing information. 

Before anything else, I want to start by giving you something that'll start teaching you how to solve your dog and puppy training problems in the next 3 minutes! These simple step-by-step training techniques are a gift to you from me. It will teach you more secrets then most of the $47 courses available online today.

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"Discover The Secrets To Fixing Any Dog Problem..." 

If you own a dog or puppy and you need help fast then you need to discover the best methods to quickly and easily train any dog or puppy, and fix your dog or puppies obedience problems once and for all. 

Just imagine... no more peeing on the floor, or when you say "sit" he does.  Would you like your dog obeying your every command? If so, you need this step-by-step training system. It applies to all breeds and ages of dogs. Here is just a few things you will learn.

  • Why should you train your dog or puppy on your own and the emotional benefits of self-training for you and your dog. (It's all on Page 9!)

  • Create training goals and objectives according to your dog or puppy's nature. (Page 13)

  • Quick and easy ways to get your dog or puppy to come, walk on leash, walking off leash, heel, sit, stay, and lay down. (Page 51)

  • The fastest and easiest way to correct any of your dog's unwanted behavior, from being aggressive to humans, fellow dogs, other pets like cats. (Page 67)

  • How to keep your dog from whining, whimpering, and barking at night ...guaranteed! (Page 76)

  • Amazing techniques to teach your dog or puppy to fetch objects, bring the newspaper, recognize family members by their names, speak on command, jumping through the ring, roll over, sit and beg! (Page 92)

  • The guaranteed secret that will eliminate chewing and biting. (Page 62)

  • Best kept secrets on how to crate train your puppy! (Page 42)

  • ....These Amazing Training Techniques and MUCH, MUCH MORE!


    Plus You Will Also Receive

"At Last...A Video Presentation That Unlocks The Secrets To A Well Behaved Dog!"

This amazing Audio Visual presentation is a treasure trove of information about why you may not be communicating with your dog as effectively as you could, as well as how to adapt training, feeding, and even playing to be as productive as possible while helping you bond with your puppy or dog. You'll learn:

This state of the art training package will teach you how to train your dog or puppy in such a way that you will get the exact results you want FAST...
  • Why You Can't Read Your Dog's Thoughts... But How to Come Pretty Close! (The secret is in the introduction!)

  • Why you should never ever ever ever ever ever apologize to your dog. (Section 1)

  • 2 games that should be completely off-limits during playtime... and why. (Section 2)

  • The biggest disciplinary mistake dog owners make. (Section 3)

  • Why your disciplinary methods aren't working, and what to do instead. (Section 3)

  • Why Your Dog Chows Down Like It's Going Out of Style, and How to Use That to Your Advantage. (Section 4)

  • How often you should be feeding your dog. (Section 4)

  • What your dog is dreaming! (Section 5)

  • How to Know When Your Dog is Testing You, and How to Pass with Flying Colors! (Section 6)

  • How to break your purebred of that nasty habit. (Section 7)

  • 3 Keywords You Should Use During Training. (Section 8)

  • How you can tell if your dog knows who's boss. (Section 1)

  • 3 Exercises to Help Establish Yourself as the Alpha Dog. (Section 1)

But nobody wants a boring lecture, so we've made it worth your while with:

  • Great Illustrations - Fun, colorful characters (both human and canine) to act out the points in the presentation.

  • Animation - What good are cartoons if they don't move?

  • Upbeat, Clear Narration - No droning, boring lecture voice here!

  • Simple Structure - The presentation is divided into 9 distinct sections, so you can watch them all at once or in installments.

  • Easy Viewing - No clicking through websites or slides. The work is all done for you, you just sit back, watch, and relax!

Learn The Top Dog Trainers SECRETS on How YOU Can Put An End To All Of Your Dog's Behavior Problems...100% Amazing Results GUARANTEED!

The TECHNIQUES in the book and video presentations are exactly what the professionals have been using for ages to train dogs. NOW I'M SHARING THEIR INSIDE INFORMATION WITH YOU!!!

This step-by-step system will teach you how to train your dog just like a professional trainer, so no matter what your situation is you can solve all your obedience problems that you may have with your dog - learn the secrets of a professional trainer!

This system has worked for 100's of other dog owners just like you. You will have all the information and techniques you need including how to solve your dog's behavior problems, tricks such as sit, roll over, fetch objects and much more! So join the other happy dog owners and don't be left out!

Here's What Others Had To Say ...


"No More Peeing On The Floor"

"Thanks a million... My 'Boo Boo' is now house trained and I did it myself. To tell you the truth I can't believe how easy it was."

- T Beery


"It was so easy to teach pugsly tricks... he can now sit, stay, roll over and I'm still teaching him a lot more cool tricks"

Kevin this is so cool after watching the audio visual training part of your package I now have taught my dog to sit and stay. Its just amazing.  I have never been able to teach a dog anything before.

Thanks for the help

D Darby


"He was biting everyone, chewing everything to pieces...Not now!"

I hate to admit this but my wife and I were just about to the point where we were thinking we were going to have to get rid of our 5 month old puppy because we couldn't control him whatsoever. However, after putting the techniques from your book into action we absolutely love our puppy again and it has just been a few weeks.  


The Prices


"He Trys To Attack Anyone That Comes Close"

Thank you for your response. You have given us several things we can work with. We will try everything you suggested...

I do thank you for your time and your help.  



" Just Thought I Would Share Something With You"

When my Schnauzer (Mini) was only 31/2 months old she was diagnosed with liver shunt, she had surgery to save her life and then they found another smaller shunt 2 months later after two surgeries and several months of recuperation she is now 5 years old and healthy. but here is what I was going to share I had to make all her food as she was on a very low protein diet until her liver started to work properly, I fed her lots of good veggies and rice and of course just a bit of different meats and poultry she thrived on it. So making your own food is time consuming but worth it.

thanks for all the recipes  



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FREE Bonus #3 ($37.00 Value) "Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Pooch" - A Dog Lover's Dream Reference Book Answering All Your Questions Regarding Your Dog's Health... Do you know what to do if your dog is choking? How about what a parasite infection looks like? Do you know how to help your portly pooch get rid of those few extra pounds? If your answer to any of these questions was no, this book will be a godsend. It's packed full of vital information for any dog owner... you'll wonder how you lived without it! 

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FREE Bonus #5 ($27.00 Value) "180 Gourmet Dog Recipes Even You Can Enjoy" Are you positive you could recreate those natural doggie treats you see in the store, but just don't know where to start? Here's the perfect place to begin! Make everything from simple bone-shaped treats to doggie sushi... and share the goodies with your pup. It's easier than you think!  

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Yes you heard me correctly, you have no risk whatsoever with this amazing package... 

How is my course delivered?

As soon as your order is processed via our secure server you will be taken to the download page where you can download your ebook's and video's immediately. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is (Even if it's 2:00 in the morning).

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  8. Dog Obedience Training Audio Just by listening to this great audio, your eyes will be opened to the fact that training a dog no longer needs to be a challenge! Instead it can be an afternoon full of quality time with your dog. ($47.00 Value)

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Puppy N Dog Training Secrets

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